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Immigration is hard enough. At Austin Primary Care Physicians in Austin, Texas, the providers Dr. Nandini Kohli and Dr. Sandra Ordonez have one goal: to make the medical exam required for immigration as simple, seamless, and timely as possible for patients working diligently through the process. To improve patient ease and convenience, they stay current on immigration medical exam requirements, offer extended hours on Tuesdays, and employ a team of bi- and multilingual healthcare providers.

Immigration Medical Exam Q & A

How much does an immigration exam cost?

Immigration exams administered by Austin Primary Care Physicians range from $80 - $400, depending on which vaccinations and services are needed per Civil Surgeon guidelines.

Does insurance cover immigration exams?

No, insurance never covers immigration exams.

Can patients skip vaccinations if they were previously vaccinated?

Yes, as long as the previous vaccinations meet requirements (especially related to when they were administered) and documentation is presented. Patients who are unsure should bring all immunization records for review by the qualified team at Austin Primary Care Physicians.

How long does it take to get forms?

The length of time it takes to receive documentation depends on a few different factors:

  • Current patient load, especially in terms of number of immigration exams scheduled around the same time
  • The diagnostic tests performed including TB skin test and blood draws, which yield results in minutes to several days
  • The results of the tests; a positive TB skin test or blood test may require further diagnosis or treatment

In any case, the team at Austin Primary Care Physicians understands the time-sensitive nature of immigration medical exams and works diligently to be honest with patients about timelines and deliver as early as possible following their exam.

Are walk-in appointments accepted?

No, patients seeking immigration medical exams must call to schedule an appointment in advance. This ensures that the provider assigned has adequate time to give the patient their full attention and complete the forms thoroughly and accurately.

What can patients expect at their immigration medical exam?

Like all patients, candidates for immigration can expect to receive high-quality care, dignity, and respect throughout their immigration medical exam. Upon arrival, the patient registers at the front desk and provides a copy of their passport or other form of photo ID. Once the patient is called back to an exam room, several steps are taken:

  • A nurse will interview the patient about personal and family medical history and current medications
  • A provider will perform a complete physical exam, including examination of the eyes, nose, throat, ears, extremities, genitalia, abdomen, lungs, heart, skin, and lymph nodes
  • Blood will be drawn, which is used to run certain required blood tests
  • A chest x-ray will be taken
  • Immunizations will be administered if needed

Once all steps are complete, the patient’s appointment is concluded. When all results are in, the official documentation is completed.

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