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Are You Interested in Research? Sign Up for Our Research Studies!

You could be a VIP research participant and may be compensated for your time and travel! Our studies are voluntary and free of charge. We know your time is valuable; therefore we will work with your schedule. Take your first step in enrolling in one of our Research Studies; all it takes is a phone call!

Things you should know:

  • You May be Compensated
  • Includes Office Visits, Laboratory Testing and Medication
  • VIP Appointment Slots
  • Doctor's Note for Work/School
  • All Information Provided and All Tests Performed Will Be Kept Confidential
  • Friendly Doctors and Staff
  • At Discovery Clinical Trials, our mission is to provide comprehensive research to advance the science of medicine. Our dedicated and experienced medical professionals conduct human research studies with compassion and respect for our research participants.

How Safe Are Research Studies?

Your safety is our first concern. By the time the research studies get to us, the study medication has been studied for years and found to be safe. Research studies are about providing medical alternatives for managing conditions. Best of all, each study takes place in our office. It's a great way to help others through contributing to medical research and treatment advances.

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